Believe it or not, it snowed here today. It looks like frickin' January outside. It's admittedly pretty, but at least a month too soon.

Lately, all I want to write about are things a little too personal for this public blog. So, unless I feel so inspired, there will be no more posts for at least another week.

One thing, however: I really enjoyed UNDERTOW, David Gordon Green's third feature, and the first I can embrace without any reservations. It's sort of a Southern Gothic suspense chase story told in the style of an early '70s low-budget feature, but so much more than that.

As usual with Green, distribution is limited--actually, buried is more like it. Last week, it played three area theaters, but it was down to one afternoon screening per day at each one. What's the sense in that? Now that I work in the industry, I more fully understand why low-performing first-run films get dropped, but why relegate it to an afternoon performance when, during the week, much of its potential audience can't even see it?

I'm hoping something will bring me out of this lingering funk.