MOORE, MOORE, MOORE... (How Do You Like It, Etc;)

Michael Moore came to my theater today for a special, closed-off to the public screening of Fahrenheit 9/11.  In town for the DNC but not necessarily affiliated with the party, Moore introduced the film, then trotted upstairs for a press conference (and autographed a displayed movie poster on the way).  In the flesh, he looks as dumpy and average-joe as he does on camera.  He fielded questions from the press in his typically wry, understated demeanor until we hit upon the Lewinsky/Whitewater scandals.  At that point, he raised his voice and his anger and frustration reached unexpectedly operatic levels.

The theater was swamped with starfuckers and the curious, myself included.  I have to admit that as I listened to Moore, he was persuasive and charismatic enough to melt away the skeptic in me.  The words that stuck with me most: "This is the most important election in our lifetimes".

But we need to have a little fun to keep our heads on straight, too.

Ugh.  I've been listening to DIY CD's all night and must do a whole lot o' nothing starting right now.  Good night, nurse.