It's halfway done.

I joined Netflix this week. Does that make me evil, turning my back on all of Boston's beloved independent video stores (well... all 3 of 'em)? Or do I just wanna watch a new release and not have to worry about returning it before noon the day after next? My video store rarely has what I want, anyway. So begins the $264/year experiment.

Also trying to consolidate my student loans. Not too pleased at what they quoted my "new monthly payments" would be (only about 25% less).

As shiny happy red-and-white enveloped DVDs arrive in the mail and a big ol' bounty of new stuff hits theaters this weekend, I'll have lots to write about. As for the new Box Office Champ, I'm placing my $ (if I had $ to place) on either Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (smarter than it looks?) or The Manchurian Candidate (early reports say it actually doesn't suck!) As for The Village (oh, excuse me, M. Night Shyamalan's The Village), well, wasn't Gigli released this time last year?