Real Life Top Ten
(sorry, Greil Marcus)

1. I have a new job! Come April 26, I'll be working at the Coolidge Corner Theatre as their new Office Manager. Finally, I can tell people what I do for a living without feeling sheepish or contemptuous.

2. My apartment is now full o' food. My roommate and I hit Whole Foods, Star Market, and Discount Liquor at Fresh Pond where we found a big-ass bottle of Cachacas (Brazilian cane sugar liquor). I can't wait to make a Caipirinha. Drinking one is like being high, dude (or so I've heard), and much more rico suave than a Mojito.

3. One random note about the gay marriage debacle. A majority of its opponents (or at those shown at the State House on the news) seem to be Latino or Black. And, I know I'm not the only person who has noticed this. Hello, people, does this debate remind you at all of the Civil Rights Movement?

4. Yossi and Jagger: Predictable but inoffensive film about gay male Israel soldiers in love. As usual, more bearable than any American gay romanti-com, and short (67 min) too.

5. Lost In La Mancha: Watch Terry Gilliam's film adaptation on Don Quixote derail before his very eyes, and think about how much he could learn a lesson by someone like Funny Ha Ha director Andrew Bujalski.

6. The Safety of Objects: Director of Go Fish gets ambitious and adapts short stories about four neighboring, intersecting families, in CinemaScope. A mini Short Cuts, and good work from Glenn Close and Patricia Clarkson, but not everything in it worked.

7. Wonderfalls: New Fox TV series. Probably won't last, but it's delightfully fucked up, it has an appealingly real star, and I'll tune in next week to hear Andy Partridge's theme song.

8. Royal City, Alone At The Microphone. I dug out this CD after finding out Sufjan Stevens was an engineer on it. Musty, warm, endearingly creaky folk-roots, like a thousand other bands only better. The prettiest song goes, "Dank is the air of death and loathing / there's shit on the floor...."

9. TV On The Radio, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes. The full-length debut does not disappoint at all. Garage rock doo wop baritone blare Bill Withers beat bleak Stevie sigh hummmm dum-da-da-dum...

10. Female Trouble on IFC. I wonder if anyone's actually ever manufactured a pair of "cha-cha heels".