Twelve Months to Thirty!

Turned 29 yesterday. Let's see if I can whittle out 29 random thoughts/observations/predicitions without putting y'all to sleep...

1. I will get a new job before I turn 30.
2. I will finish Ten Thousand Words before then, too.
3. LOTR: The Return of the King will win at least 7 Oscars, including Best Picture and Director.
4. Billy Crystal will make at least one Janet Jackson exposed titty reference on the Oscars telecast.
5. Carrie Bradshaw will remain single at the end of the Sex and The City finale.
6. Bubble tea will only get bigger.
7. Next Altoids flavor? Something fruity!
8. Dogville will divide audiences as sharply as Elephant (not to mention Dancer In The Dark).
9. Demi and Ashton will break up, and neither will have a hit movie this year.
10. I will make it back to New York City.
11. I'll start jogging regularly when it gets warmer (I swear!)
12. Lost In Translation will sweep the 10th Annual Chlotrudis Awards.
13. I'll get a review published somewhere other than Splendid!
14. I'll run into my ex again.
15. I'll finally make it to Minneapolis to see old friends.
16. I'll finally read The Satanic Verses and A People's History of the United States.
17. I'll finally watch The Right Stuff.
18. Magenta will be the new pink.
19. Kate Bush will set a release date and title for her first new album in over a decade.
20. The film adaptation of A Home At The End of the World will be better than The Hours.
21. David Sedaris' new collection of essays will not fail to please.
22. New England will have an early Spring.
23. I'll meet a celebrity (or at least a famous indie-film director).
24. I'll see fireworks somewhere...
25. I'll try a burrito other htan my beloved carnitas at Anna's Taqueria.
26. The Presidental Race will be nearly as close as it was in 2000.
27. The concept of marriage will be redefined.
28. I'll keep up this blog.
29. I'll worry about turning 30, but not too much.