I deleted the Places I've Traveled map... it took to much space and only served as a glaring reminder of the vast expanse of this lovely land that I haven't seen.

Just bought a new laptop (grumble, grumble), hoping it arrives before my last day at work. In the meantime, Ten Thousand Words is indefinitely on hold, given that I don't have a back-up copy of my list to work from and must reformulate just excatly what my 100 favorite records are (today).

Florida was gorgeous and fun (and unseasonably cold at first, too). The mere sight of palm trees is still a novelty for me. The hotel was a half-block away from a Krispy Kreme... I got to see my friend perform an '80s revue on the cruise ship he works for. Had a cosmo-enhanced Grammy viewin' time, and between lots o' drink and that truly stupefying Outkast performance (loved the two-word acceptance speech, tho'), I passed out immediately afterwards.

Charlotte York Rosenblatt is not the only owner of an adorable tiny dog named Elizabeth Taylor. My friend's uncle has a shiz-tzu (sp?) that goes by that moniker.

On Monday, drove down to Miami and South Beach, took in the tropical delights as we strolled up and down Collins and Washington Aves. in the historic art deco district. I could have hardly asked for a more soothing, blissful day.

I've been mightily movie deficient as of late, apart from a second viewing of Lost In Translation one week ago. By god, five months after the first time, it holds up so well, expressing a lot about conversation, loneliness, disillusion, dreams, uncertainty, and love. I doubt Bill Murray will win out over Sean Penn for the Oscar, but as much as I respect Penn, his turn in Mystic River is a hammy, foaming at the mouth piece of acting! whereas Murray is soulful, believable and all too vulnerable.