The corporate ax has finally fallen; I’ve been Work Force Reduced!

My last day at Ceridian will be February 25, just three days after my 4th anniversary as a full-time employee. Four co-workers and I have been let go not because of any performance issues. No, this is strictly a BUSINESS DECISION. Our positions are being re-staffed at the company’s headquarters in Minneapolis. This will save them a precious few thousand dollars a year… should provide a nice bonus for the upper executives, don’t cha’ think?

Anyway, it’s a mixed blessing. Now I have a swift kick in the pants to pursue other careers and leave dreadful Corporate America once and for all. I was shocked at the decision, but given all the lay-offs here over the past three years, not at all surprised. Not sure what I’m ultimately gonna do to pay my bills, but this, severance, and the dole will give me ample time to think about that.

I’m not sad to leave my job, just a little angry at the way the reasoning behind the decision. (As an aside, now more than ever, Bush needs to go.)

Hmmm… maybe now I can free-lance and eat lots and lots of ramen! Woo-hoo!

Regardless, I will not neglect the blog. This is just the beginning, people.