So many grand plans, and the day is blissfully slipping away. Well, I will try to get a walk in this afternoon 'cause it's so gor-gess out, and then a late-afternoon screening of Die Mommie Die before it leaves Boston.

Saw Elephant last night and I'm conflicted. It seems as much of a stunt as Gerry, right down to the Gerry-esque video game the two killer-boyz play, and it's loaded with superfluous scenes (what the fuck is Timothy Bottoms doing there? Why does he still look like Dubya?). But, it's unforgettable. I loved all the scenes (and there are a lot of 'em) with students walking through the school's vast corridors, their backs to the camera and their surroundings rendered in soft focus. Perfectly nails the claustrophobia and mundacity of high school, and the non-linear structure is wondrous, building an almost unbearable tension. The massacre itself fluctuates between painful realism and ludricious pretension. I'm left perplexed and a little shaken, but really, did this deserve the Golden Palm at Cannes? Well, it's better than Mystic River.

We started screening short films for Chlotrudis on Thursday night. A few not quite gems amongst lotsa dross, as was expected (any film that has "fucking ass" as a line of dialogue deserves to be flung into the crapper), and it all made me appreciate how amazing "good"(competent, even) films are in comparison.