Well, gettin’ ready to go home, whatever that means. I’ll be in Milwaukee for the next eleven days. Since my parents packed up and moved to Iowa almost five years ago, I’ve spent less than ten nights there, and only three in the last three years.

I know, you’re thinking I must be a total masochist for wanting to go to the Midwest for such an extended period. I’m sure the novelty of simply being there will wear off after a few days, and besides, why didn’t I want to go somewhere um... a little more exotic instead? Well, the real purpose of this trip is to see my parents for a few days (they’re driving up and meeting me there tomorrow), and reconnect with an old, good friend I haven’t seen in four years.

I’m not trying to have any great, impossible expectations; nor do I want to re-live my past glories, only to watch them inevitably deflate. I just want a change of scenery, and time to spend in a familiar place. I can’t really call it home at this point, but it still feels special to me in a way that Boston never will. I probably won't be able to blog while I'm there, but I am bringing a fresh new composition book with me. Who knows, maybe I’ll transcribe some it onto here after I get back, maybe not.

Few movies seen lately; loved “The Sum Of Us”, a remarkable Australian film starring a young Russell Crowe as a gay plumber living at home, centering on the relationship he has with his father, who totally accepts his sexuality. It’s unpredictable, nuanced, and it makes great, stirring use of Crowded House’s “Better Be Home Soon”.

I’ve been much, much more at ease since I moved into my new apartment.