Ah, attempting to Get My Blog On once more before the end of the month.

I've been back in Boston four days now, and between getting caught up on work and laundry and writing a review of a Russian Party Rock Compilation CD and dealing with the whereabouts of a package mistakenly sent to my old address and going to see "Northfork" and getting sucked into "Fantasy Island" reruns with b-level guest stars from other ABC shows of the era like Bosley, Jan Brady, Issac (from "The Love Boat") and future Charles-In-Charger Scott Baio and answering personal ad inquiries and waiting for one particular guy to call who was sweet enough to call and say "hi" while I was in Milwaukee but has yet to contact me again, well, I've been keeping busy.

I really want to post something profound and illuminating about my trip, and that may take some time to put together. I wrote about 30-35 pages in my journal whilst on the trip. So, until the lead runs exquisitely from my penny pencil (eat your heart out, Ralphie), here's the expurgated version: it was fun to see the folks, although three days together was enough for us to become totally exasperated with each other; it was great to see old friends, and that time I never wanted to end; it's always fun scarfing down frozen custard, even if the flavah of the day is Strawberry; and I felt a little out of place the whole time I was there, which just goes to show that I'm now a Bostonian at heart--might as well be, as the 6th anniversary of THE MOVE OUT EAST is comin' up.

And, I saw a celebrity (!) in Milwaukee (!) who used to date (married?) Julia Roberts. And his name is not Benjamin Bratt, who, as you all know, once guest starred on Alf. Seriously.

More to come, from the Big Load Laundromat on North Avenue to your PC (or Mac, if you're one of those people, which is exactly how I was referred to constantly as a commuter student my Freshman year at Marquette.)