Seven dilemmas...

What do you do when your roommates steal your rum, won’t give you money for the overdue gas and electric bills, never think of purchasing dishwasher detergent, and stink up the refrigerator with rotting kimchee?

What do you do when the bell you press to stop the overcrowded bus doesn’t work, and although you shout out “Next stop, please”, and the driver drives on and on?

What do you do with a Big Brother-like e-mail system that censors unacceptable words of any questionable stripe (including “wiseass”) and strips away all pictures and most attachments?

How does one stomach such nonsense as the idiotic EW.com headline, “What’s the cast of Friends up to this week?” How can one justify the ridiculous amount of moolah each actor makes for each episode, only to make a misguided attempt to earn even more by starring in a poor, poor film where they play little more than an extension of their television counterpart?

How can you comprehend the lowest-common-denominator box office success of “Kangaroo Jack”?

Or Justin whining about Britney while he appears topless, looking like a second string porn star on the cover of "Rolling Stone"?

I won’t, cannot even say anything (kind) about the president.

So, what can you do?

Seven suggestions:

Stop bitching.
Take a walk.
Listen to Alison Moyet’s “Hometime” or Black Box Recorder’s “The Facts of Life”.
Read poetry.
Stop taking all the bad things too seriously and stop harboring all that anger and resentment in your soul.
Turn off the TV unless you’re watching a movie that makes you smile, like “Amelie”.
Show other people that smile.