Hey, Holiday Shoppers

I haven't done any Xmas shopping yet, unless you count the bag of red and green M&M's that I bought for myself. I've been sick all week, the weather's been dreary all week, and I haven't seen any new movies as of late. I am, however, going to the super-cool Wong Kar Wai double bill at the Brattle tonight, though: "Fallen Angels" and "Happy Together" on the big screen! I am particularly jones-ing to see "Fallen Angels" again, because it's so intricate and MTV-paced and confusing and strange.

Last weekend, I saw a performance of Faith Soloway's glorious, uproarious shlock-opera "Jesus Has Two Mommies", and here's a list of why all those who protested it need to succumb to heathenish desires and see it:

1. God (Merle Perkins, done up a la Foxy Brown) is simply awesome.
2. "Queer In Revere" (and Dorchester, Malden, Saugus, Peabody, etc;)
3. The mechanical open-and-close mouth on the pic of Freud that accompanies the song "Don't Fuck With Freud"
4. "The Dating Game" and "The Newlywed Show" parodies.
5. A sing-along segment about cunnillingus
6. Women who should be lesbians (or are obvious lesbians, or obviously closeted lesbians)
7. "Jesus has two mommies, and yes they both are gay."