Hello, Web-niks and Blog browsers...

This is my humble attempt to go digital and partially leave the writing notebooks behind. I started keeping journals seven years ago, and I've saved every last damn one of them!!! I can see myself in twenty years, lugging around festering boxes bursting with worn composition books, and the idea of wanting to read every little zygote of a thought I've ever jotted down, well, that's something I just can't stomach.

All this time, I've written mostly for myself. Now, I want to write for a potential audience. Not sure how many readers I'll attract, what with my blog merely one of hundreds of thousands. The posts will certainly arrive irregularly, but hopefully, you'll find that I have something interesting and intelligent to say in them. Expect lots of writing about music and film, a little about TV and books, and possibly, my unearthly obsession with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.