Lymejello is a tag I've used for nearly a dozen years.

It originated from a conversation with a close friend on a field trip my senior year of high school. At the time, my mother had a co-worker who, when not putting in hours at one of the nation's largest discount retail chains, moonlighted as a volunteer in a hospital (ie--what they used to call a good ol' fashioned candy striper). In this particular hospital's maternity ward, many of the patients were extremely young latin women, probably aged 12-14. These girls took to giving their children uncoventional names: "Conception" (or more likely, "Concepcion", although most of them purportedly had no idea what a conception was), "Vagina", and... wait for it... "Lime Jello".

I swear I'm not making this up. Anyway, I relayed this story to my friend, and she was amused to no end. Immediately, I started branding her "Conception", she called me "Lime Jello", and we even speculated that a mutual friend would probably name his spawn (however unlikely and troubling that he'd ever have some) "Vagina".

Later, the first time I ever entered an online chat room, fumbling for a username, I picked the green gelatinous dessert, although you can see I oh-so-cleverly altered the spelling.

More than a decade on, I have to admit I'm getting sick of Lymejello. And I've gotten tired of this blog. So, I'm putting it to rest and starting anew--hopefully with more focus and consistency. I've been thinking a lot about making it a primarily music-oriented blog, but I just know little musings about film, television and whatever's making me happy or pissed off are gonna worm their way in there sooner or later.

So, pleasant dreams, Lymejello. Howdy, Kriofske Mix.