Well, what can you say about an awards program that gives a long-deserving Philip Seymour Hoffman his due (he also gave the most geunine acceptance speech), and then, in a shocking finale, inexplicably honors CRASH over BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN?

All I can say is Yeesh.

I volunteered at the Brattle's Oscar Party this year, and it's much more fun watching this ridiculous monstrosity with a large, considerably vocal crowd than sulking at home and bitching and moaning to no one in particular. Since I was checking guests in, I have yet to see the telecast's first hour (like a good film geek, I taped it at home). A little weird to see Jon Stewart up there on stage, perhaps the show's first postmodern host, but I'd rather see him do it again than Chris, Steve, or Billy (especially Billy).

Gag Rule put it best after finally watching CRASH this weekend:

Some are predicting that this film might win the Academy Award for Best Movie. And some people wonder why I created Chlotrudis Awards.